SVCP Bhopal, B.Ed college in Bhopal, Best B.Ed college in Bhopal
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SVCP Bhopal, B.Ed college in Bhopal, Best B.Ed college in Bhopal
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Building & Land
The College has a big, newly constructed building, Playground and ample open space surrounded by plantation. It is fully residential in nature and hence is a self contained unit.
The college has spacious, well ventilated, well illuminated and nicely furnished class-rooms so that students can remain comfortable and at ease while studying . A most conductive atmosphere for learning prevails throughout All classrooms are equipped with Over Head Projectors and multimedia projectors. Seminar Halls facilitate conducting symposiums, seminars, student-industry interactions and guest lectures.
The Library has a huge collection of 4147 text and reference books on variety of subjects : Computer Science , Physics , electronics ,Mathematics, Management, Commerce, Physical Education, Literature ,Educational Books .Apart from books, students have access to the latest Magazines, International Journals, Encyclopedia Britannica and other, Newspapers and Research papers. The library also stocks a huge collection of educational CD-ROMS and Old copies of important periodicals. 

Each student is issued two library tickets. One book can be borrowed for a period of fourteen days on one library tickets. Besides ,other reading material on various topics is provided. 



Department of Education Lab provides computer services to B. Ed. students. Students may use its facilities to work on assignments. It also assists students enrolled in B. Ed. course involved with implementing technologies in the learning environment and production of instructional Web materials. The Department of Education Lab supports a variety of application software such as word processing, spreadsheets, and Multimedia production tools including HTML, photo editors, Overhead projector scanners, Plastic projector screen , color printer, Internet tools and utilities. Students may check out computer projectors and other AV equipment from the Department of Education Lab. 

Psychology Lab

Psychology is the study of thinking and behavior, and the Psychology Lab at Takshshila reflects the breadth and richness of the field. Psychology combines a focus on people with a focus on the analysis and interpretation of data, and it provides an excellent foundation for a wide range of different careers. The Psychology lab has well-equipped 


Science Lab


  • Dispensing balance
  • Single pan balance
  • Constant Coils
  • Open Constant Coils
  • Magnetic needle
  • Daniel cell
  • Leclanchee cell with porospote complete
  • Prism
  • Bar magnet
  • Concave mirror
  • Convex mirror
  • Mirror Stand
  • Screw gauge
  • Vernier calipers
  • Volumetric Jainco make
  • Galvano meter Jainco make
  • Concave lens
  • Convex lens
  • Spring balance
  • Plain mirror
  • Stop watch
  • Animal cell
  • Plant cell meiosis
  •  Human Anatomy
  • Anatomy Of Rat
  • Human Muscles
  • Respiratory System
  • Structure of the ear
  • Human digestive system
  • Aids
  •  Human Heart
  • Human Physiology

Art and Craft Resource Centre

ICT Resource Centre      ET Lab
Health And Physical Education Resource Centre
Curriculum Lab
Lift      Ramp
Boys Common Room      Girls Common Room
Principal Office      Visitors
Store Room
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